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Company Carp´R´Us is being called  alegendary company these days on a field of end tackle. It operates on the market for more then 20 years and has in its portfolio several innovative products, that companys founder Ray Dale-Smith invented over the years, namely Fused Products, Mouthsnaggers, Snag Clip and others. In past years the company focused on needs of continental anglers and ATS range of hooks because a part of end tackle armory of many top anglers across Europe as well as found thousends of satisfied customers. 


Mikbaits company was founded in 2005. The aim was to create a brand that places emphasis on product quality, innovation and responsiveness to customers. Mikbaits current range includes everything what you need for carp fishing. They offer not only different variants of boilie from frozen through self-life, dehydrated in salt or float, but also a wide range of pellets, additives, particles, boosters, dips, pastes, baits for catfish or for feeder and many other products.

For more information about the company, please visit: www.mikbaits.cz

 UFO Fishing

U.F.O. Fishing is a czech producer of highest quality fishing bait and tackle, who rocketed in 2017, as U.F.O. products were introduced to the wide fishing public. Years of research and development, testing of high-end boilies, dips, slims and a whole range of further products have only reassured us, that what we are doing, makes sense. U.F.O. brand products are produced from top ingredients on purely natural basis. Many carp anglers have caught record carps using our products and many of our followers surpassed their personal bests. We are also delighted with good achievements during short outings. U.F.O. Fishing products can be purchased directly at producers e-shop


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