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Stairs 2 Hell 2019

Section 1: Registration


Teams register for the competition by submitting a properly completed email registration form available at www.stairs2hell.cz. Teams will be registered according to the order of received email registration forms. The organizers reserve the right to reject participation to any registering team without further explanation.


Maximum number of team members is three. All team members 18 years of age and older enjoy the same rights and can take part in the competition in accordance with the competition rules without any restrictions. Team members between the ages 14-18 are not allowed to use boats at any time during the competition. Each team must have at least one member over the age of 18. Team members over the age of 18 are responsible for any/all respective team members under the age of 18 during the whole duration of the competition.


Upon submitting their properly completed email registration form, each team will be sent the organizer’s bank account number and a respective variable payment symbol. The starting fee is CZK 36, 000 (€ 1, 500) both for two-member and three-member teams  One third of the starting fee must be paid within two weeks after the registration submission. Registration of a team failing to pay the starting fee (or its part) within two weeks after the registration submission will be cancelled and the place will be offered to another team. The maximum number of teams in the competition is 96.


A team that after the payment of a part or the whole of the registration fee shall cancel its participation shall pay an administrative fee of CZK 2,000. There shall be no refunds for the registration fee after 1st March.


All team members must be present at the team’s on-site registration in the competition headquarters. A team failing to meet this requirement will not be allowed to register and will be banned from taking part in the competition. Should competitors have a valid reason for being absent from the registration, they must inform the organizers in advance by an email at info@stairs2hell.cz. Teams failing to properly register will be banned from the competition and their starting fee will be forfeited.


Section 2: End-of-competition registration

All teams must carry out the end-of-competition registration. Should a team fail to do so, they will be banned from taking part in the next-year competition. As a part of the prize-giving ceremony at the Stairs2Hell 2019 competition, teams will have a chance to draw a bonus prize: a free participation at Stairs2Hell 2020 for one team. Taking part in this bonus draw will be allowed only to teams properly logged out of the competition and in their full competition set-up. A team whose member(s) are not present at the closing ceremony will not be considered eligible for the bonus prize. 

Section 3: Peg draw


Upon initial on-site registration, each team draws a number/order for the main peg draw. Any team member can draw for the respective team. A team missing their call to draw (provided they present a valid reason for their absence) will draw after all the other registered teams have taken their draws. Teams are strictly forbidden to try to exchange their pegs and sectors drawn.


Teams are forbidden from accessing their peg locations prior to the official departure for peg locations. A team caught present or trying to access their peg will be issued a yellow card. A team caught on the lake (any part of the lake) will be disqualified from the competition. Teams will be allowed to depart for their respective pegs no earlier than on Sunday, 6th October, 2019 as of 07:00 (as a part of official collective departure).

Section 4: Competition rules


Pegs and swims will be marked by a tape or spray demarcation, peg number and buoys on the lake. In the course of the competition, only the organizers are allowed to enter the pegs, other competitors must obtain the respective team’s permission to enter their peg. Teams are allowed to set up their accommodation (bivvy) and rods anywhere within their peg limits, with the exception of water management facilities (see 15B).


If a hooked fish enters a neighbouring swim, and another team’s lines are tangled, a team whose swim has been encroached can make a formal, written complaint and the fish will not be counted in the final results. The complaint must be made immediately, before the catch is entered in the official record sheet by the marshals.


Each team must take over their peg prior to the start of the competition and confirm this by signing the cheif marshal’s register. If, following the official start of the competition, a team is peg-less, despite their signing the peg take-over, such team will be banned from competition without any compensation.  


In case a team is caught fishing outside the limits their peg, such team will be banned from competition without any compensantion. Each team must make sure that they only fish in their assigned peg. The organiser will provide each team with specific GPS coordinates clearly delineating their peg. 

Section 5: Scoring


Teams score with the aggregate weight of three of their heaviest carp. The team with the heaviest aggregate weight of three (or fewer) of their heaviest fish will be declared the winner. Only fish over the weight of 7 kg is counted in the competition. Stairs2Hell 2019 will introduce a new special prize for "yield". This will include the aggregate weight of a team´s all scoring fish.


After landing a catch, the team must contact by telephone their marshal, who will weigh the fish, take a picture of the competitor with official catch board and record the catch in the official record sheets (both team record sheet and marshal’s record sheet). The catch and its official record must be confirmed by the team and the marshal signing the official record sheet. Only after the marshals have been notified that a catch is waiting to be officially recorded can the competitor use the rod again. (for casting, etc.) Each catch over 15 kilograms will be confirmed by a signiture by a member of a neighbouring team. 


Should the records in the team cards and the marshal’s cards show difference, the marshal’s card prevails.


Fish hooked prior to the signalled end of the competition must be landed within 20 minutes after the signal, otherwise it will not be counted in the final results.


A team with at least three fish officially recorded in their sheet are allowed to weigh new catches on their own equipment and return smaller fish immediately to water. This rule does not apply to fish over 15 kg.


The competition adheres to the “catch and release” rule. All landed fish must be returned to Lake Novomlynska as soon as possible.

Section 6: Compulsory fishing equipment

Each team must have:

  • Fishing pliers
  • Carp clinic (each carp must be given antiseptic treatment prior to returning to water)
  • Two landing nets
  • At least two unhooking mats (one on the shore and another one for each boat used)
  • At least three carp sacks (only one carp can be placed in each sack)
  • Weighted floating carp sack securing fish safety
  • A low light-emitting light source (must be used for night fishing)


Section 7: Boat rules and specifications


Each team is allowed to use only up to two fishing boats (at least one team member must remain on the shore at all times). Boats under 260 cm in length and single chamber boats are not allowed. Maximum boat length is 5,5 meters. Boats can only use electric propulsion or manpower.

Each boat must be fitted with:


Each boat and its equipment will be checked by the marshals prior to the start of the competition. If a boat or its equipment fails to comply with the competition requirements, the team will not be allowed to use it in the competition. If a team replaces their boat, or its compulsory equipment (see boatcheck) in the course of the competition, they must notify the marshals and have the new boat inspected by them. A team failing to do so will be given a yellow card.


Each team has to make sure that the boat is visible at night from all sides. If marshals declare a boat as poorly visible, or impossible to see for the whole duration of the team´s on-water activities, a team will be given a yellow card.


In the course of the competition, the head marshal may issue an order forbidding the use of boats, either for the entire lake or some of its sectors. This information shall be posted on the competition’s official website and mediated to the teams by the marshals.


Competitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs are forbidden to use boats. Likewise, competitors wearing waders are not allowed to use boats. A team breaching this rule will be given a yellow card.


A boat must be always securely moored or removed from the water to prevent it from spontaneous drifting. The organisers strongly recommend the use of mats to prevent punctures or damage to the boat. It is also possible to anchor the boat by means of a float.


Section 8: Procedure in case of a problem while afloat

Any competitor getting into a problematic or dangerous situation on board of a boat or in water must immediately use the whistle and the luminous stick on the life-jacket to alert partners on the shore and/or other competitors or officials. Other team members and/or competitors must then inform the competition officials/marshals. In case a competitor’s life is in danger, also the police and emergency services must be alerted without delay (phone numbers provided on competitors’ emergency cards). If any competitor feels capable of helping a fellow competitor in danger, they can do so at their own risk and responsibility.


Section 9: Competition rules


Teams consist of two or three members. One team is allowed to use a maximum of four rods with baited hooks in the water at any one time during the competition. A team caught using more than four rods will be immediately disqualified from the competition without any compensation and its starting fee will be forfeited. Teams are allowed to use and additional rod, but only for spodding and plumbing.


Only competitors are allowed to bivvy, use boats and fish 24 hours nonstop in the course of the competition.


Only rods with single-hook rigs are allowed. Barber hooks are allowed


Bait boats can be used at all times during the competition.


Fish can be landed on-shore, afloat or from the water, however wading is allowed only up to waist deep and no further than 10 meters from the shore. In case of low water level, the chief marshal can officially allow further distance.


Any baiting methods (on-shore and off-shore) are allowed. Swims can be marked only by the maximum of four permanent markers (these may use low light-emitting light sources). Any other means of marking the swims are forbidden.


Any forms of plumbing, baiting and/or spodding are allowed only after the official start of the competition. Bait boats can be used up to 400 meters. The use of echo sounders and GPS is allowed.


Competitors on board a boat must wear a properly fastened life-jacket. A team breaking this rule will be issued a yellow card.


What is not explicitly allowed by the competition rules is considered as forbidden.


Section 10: Prizes


A team with the heaviest aggregate weight of three (or fewer) fish will be declared the winner of the competition. In case of a tie, the winner will be determined based on the weight of the heaviest single fish caught by the respective team. If this sub-criterion still leads to a tie, the winner will be determined based on the time of the first scoring catch of the respective team.


A team with the heaviest aggregate weight of three (or fewer) fish within a sector will be declared the winner of the sector, provided this team does not rank among the top three scoring teams in the competition. In such a case the next heaviest aggregate catch will be declared the winner of the sector. Prizes will be awarded also to 2nd and 3rd teams in each sector. 


A team recording the heaviest catch in the course of the entire competition wins the heaviest catch prize. In case of a tie in weight between two (or more) teams, the prize money will be evenly divided.


Section 11: Venue rules

All teams and their helpers must adhere to the competition’s environment friendly policy. The competition strictly emphasises NO KILL policy at all times. Teams are required to cause no damage to the lake’s fauna and flora. Campfires are allowed only in above-the-ground devices (grills, cookers). All litter must be picked up and disposed of at designated bins.


Section 12: Lodging a protest


Each team can lodge an official protest against any other team breaking the rules of the competition. Protests against competition rules will not be considered. A protest must be lodged in a written form and submitted to the head marshal immediately after the supposed breach of the competition rules has been observed. The protest should ideally be submitted together with evidence in the form of photos or video footage). A team lodging a protest must pay a CZK 5, 000 deposit, which will be forfeited in case the protest is rejected by the competition protest committee. Protests submitted in any other form will not be considered.


Members of the protest committee:
The protest committee consists of the head marshal and two sector marshals in question. Also both captains of the two teams involved in the protest proceedings will be invited. The protest will be decided by the majority verdict delivered by the three protest committee marshals. No member of the protest committee can abstain.


Section 13: Penalties


The competition officials can issue a yellow card to any team found breaking the competition rules, which results in the team not being allowed to cast, bait, spod, nor plumb for the following four hours.


In case a team is given another yellow card warning, they will be issued a red card and consequently disqualified from the competition without any compensation. A disqualified team must leave their peg, sector and competition premises. Scores of a team disqualified from the competition will be annulled.


A team disqualified from the competition will not be allowed to take part in the Stairs2hell competition in the three following years. Any teams or competitors attempting to bribe the marshals will be disqualified and banned from the competition for life.


A yellow card can be issued by any marshal. A red card can be issued only by the head marshal.


Section 14: Prize-giving ceremony


The official prize-giving ceremony will take place in the competition headquarters. Winners will be announced in the following order: the heaviest catch, the "yield" prize, sector winners, the 3rd place, the 2nd place, the winner of the competition. Should a prize-awarded team miss their call, the ceremony will proceed with the next prize.


Teams failing to take their prize (cup, sponsors’ prizes and financial bonus) at the official ceremony thus forfeit their prize, including the financial bonus. In such a case, the cups and sponsors’ prizes go to the next ranking team. Pardons from this rule can be granted in case of serious, documented reasons for absence from the prize ceremony (injury, illness, death in the family). In such a case a verdict will be delivered by the competition officials.


Financial bonus will be transferred to a bank account the winning teams will provide to the organiser. The transfer will be carried out no later than by the end of December 2019.


Section 15: Final stipulations


The organiser reserves the right to modify the rules in cases of urgent need. By signing the registration and paying the starting fee the competitors express their agreement with the competition rules.

It´s strictly forbidden to remove stones on the top of dam wall or use them for anchor your bivvy. Also it´s prohibited to disturb concrete dam wall with nails, pins etc. In case that any of these offenses will be detected, responsible team will have to pay fine, that amount will be determined by Moravia River basin management.

The on-site registration will include a copy of the Czech fishing permit or respective national fishing permits of all competitors according to their nationalities. The competitors are required to submit these documents by 1st June, 2019, at the latest. Foreign competitors will sign and submit to the organisers a power of attorney letter neccessary for issuing Czech fishing permits and other documents. Additional changes in the team’s set up made after 1st June, 2019 will be charged at the amount of CZK 2, 000. The fee will cover addition issuing of the local fishing permit and other necessary permits.


The teams are required to pay the full sum of the starting fee by the above stipulated deadline (see Section 1, art. 1c). Any team cancelling their registration after 1st March, 2019 forfeits their starting fee, which will be used to cover administration and organisation costs. In case such a team finds a substitute team to take their registered place in the competition, or if another team fills the vacancy, the starting fee will be returned.


The organiser reserves the right to apply pro-rata if the maximum of 100 participating teams is not reached. In case the competition is cancelled, the teams will be returned 90% of their starting fee. The remaining 10% will be used to cover organisation and administrative costs of the competition preparations. The organiser reserves the right to increase the maximum number of participating teams, which will not exceed 96 teams.


The organiser reserves the right to apply pro-rata and proportionate allocation of prizes in case of change in the number of participating teams.


Competitors found guilty of disturbing the peace or breaking the local law (aggressive behaviour, attacking other competitors or officials, repeated disturbances, etc.) will be disqualified from the competition with the entire team. In such a case the disqualified team must leave their peg and sector immediately.


All competitors take part in the competition at their own risk and responsibility. The organiser is not to be held responsible for any harm or injury suffered by the competitors or their possessions. By signing the on-site registration, all competitors confirm that they have been informed about and accept the rules of the competition and its location. Likewise, all competitors are required to provide themselves with protective devices and equipment in order to prevent or limit possible harm or injury.


All competitors must comply with the requests of the official competition media crew and photographers present on-site. By signing the registration, the competitors consent to the free use of the official competition media footage for propagation and commercial purposes