Competition without superlatives

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Many competitions are trying to be the biggest in the world. Stairs 2 Hell is probably the largest competition in Czech Republic, but this is not important. The goal has never been to organize a competition for hundreds of teams, but to focus on the best work done for a narrower group of competitiors who can appreciate the details. The organizers are trying to set up such rules and conditions to make the race for everyone as just as possible and everyone has the opportunity to show their skills to others. This is the reason why only 96 teams will fight on a lake bigger then 1660 hectares. The competition is thus significantly restricted due to the comfort of the competitors. At the moment, the competition has enough competitors from Czech and Slovak Republics. Registration is open only to foreign teams and only a few free places remain. The organizers are trying to give a chance to teams from all over Europe! Teams from Germany, Austria, Poland, Holland, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and, of course, domestic teams from Czech Republic are also registered.

News in 2019

Every year, organizers are pushing the competition to move forward and bring in a number of innovations and improvements. But there will be one major change this year. The past years were organised in hot summer. Stairs2Hell 2019, however, was moved to a much more attractive fishing time - October. This is a time where is the biggest chance to catch carps on their biggest weight averages and for many fishermen, it is also a chance to improve their personal record.Those who fish on lake Novomlynska know, that it is a complex of three interconnected lakes. Gates between lakes alternately open and close during the year. In the spring, the fish have the option of going through the middle reservoir, which is a protected nature reservation, so they can spawn here in peace. It is always a large flock of fish that migrate for several kilometers. The fish remain in the reservation till autumn, when the gates between lakes opens again and the fish can go back, usually to the lower novomlynska lake, which is the deapest one. That is why it is also the best chance to catch a carp reaching 30 kilograms.