European Carp Fishing Association

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We are a company which deals with international fishing competitions. Our team has long-lasting experience from the positions of competitors as well as organisers in Czech and international enviroment. The competitions are aimed at adults as well as children. Our target is to offer to competitors and to attendees an unforgetable experience. When organising a competition, we try to set such rules and criteria to make the outcome as just as possible and to allow everyone to show their skills. Each competition combines for us work with a lifetime hobby and therefore we do our best to reach perfection - in the fields of organisation as well as atmosphere.


Petr Šurek


  • Fishing for more than 25 years,
  • active participant of more than a hundred of fishing competitions,
  • The second place in Green Hell - HU (2010),
  • The winner of Popůvky league (2010),
  • The winner of CM Prague (2012, 2013, 2015),
  • The second place in CM Prague (2014),
  • The third place in CM Prague (2011, 2016),
  • organiser and co-organiser of fishing competitions in the Czech Republic:
  • Carp Events Katlov (2016),
  • World Carp Classic Junior (2016),
  • World Carp Classic (2016),
  • Stairs 2 Hell (2017, 2018).


Vítek Černý

Vítek Černý

  • Fishing for more than 25 years out of which last 8 years centring on carpfishing,
  • organiser and co-organiser of more than 20 fishing competitions in the Czech Republic:
  • Carp Marathon Prague (2012, 2013, 2014),
  • Little Carp Marathon Prague (2014),
  • Carp Events Katlov (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018),
  • World Carp Classic Junior (2015, 2016),
  • World Carp Classic (2016),
  • European Carp Championship for Juniors (2017, 2018),
  • Stairs 2 Hell (2017, 2018).