Morava River basin d.p.

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Morava River basin d.p. provides management, operation and maintenance of watercourses and water facilities in the basin of river Morava. On an area of 21,132 square kilometers manages a total of:


  • 10 770 km watercourses (thereof 3 754 significant watercourses)
  • 1 109 km levees
  • 30 significant water reservoirs
  • 137 small dams
  • 175 weirs and 95 water levels
  • 13 lock chambers
  • 15 small hydropower plants


The river basin management is divided between three concerns with headquarters in Náměstí nad Oslavou, Olomouc and Uherské Hradiště. Company is operating in territory of 7 regions and 67 towns with extended powers.


Main activities are stated by founding document and arise from legal standards, especially Act no. 254/2001 Coll. “about waters”, Act no. 305/2000 Coll. “about river basins” and Act no. 77/1997 Coll. “about government companies” as amended. These include:


  • management and maintenance of significant and defined small watercourses, including flows borders
  • manipulation and maintenance of water works
  • detection and assessment of surface and underground water
  • investment activities including flood control measures
  • condition monitoring and maintenance of river beds and coastal land, preparing and ensuring their adjustments
  • providing technical, economic and other data on-demand water authorities submitting suggestions, proposals and statements for administrative decision making in the state in water management
  • creating conditions for legitimate water management
  • cooperation in remedying accidents on watercourses
  • managing and influencing water management within the water management system
  • activities in the field of planning under the water act
  • activities of accredited laboratories
  • surveying service
  • consultancy
  • electricity production
  • fisheries