Moravian Fishing Association

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It was founded in 1990 by splitting from the Czech Fishing Union on the basis of decree of the constituent congress held in Znojmo.


Vocation of association:

  • Association of citizens led by common interest in fishing within the meaning of the legislation governing fisheries
  • Applying common interest of branch associations as organizational units of the Union
  • Participation in the protection of nature, landscape and environment
  • Participating in education of children and youth in the field of fisheries, landscape, nature and environment protection
  • Developing and popularizing of fishing and sport angling.


Major and minor management activity

  • The main activity of the Moravian fishing association is fulfilling the mission and tasks specified in code of rules. Business or other gainful activity is not the main activity of the association or its organizational units.
  • The main activities of the Moravian Fishing Association can be financed from membership fees, income from sale of permits to fish, revenues from the sale of fish stocks and fish market, grants and subsidies, gifts and profit from secondary activity.
  • Association and its organizational units can develop secondary economic activity only to support the main activities or economical use of federal property.
  • Profit from the activities of the association and its organizational units can be used only for club activities including the management of the association, and organizational units.


Ancillary economic activities of the Association are:
a) Organization of professional, social and sporting events in the field of fisheries
b) Production of fish stocks and fishes for market sale.

The Moravian Fishing Association provides management of fishing grounds in the region of Southern Moravia, for the vast majority of the region of Zlín and partly in the region of Olomouc and the Highlands.