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Sportcarp is engaged in the development and production of not only fishing baits, but under this brand you will also find fishing rods, a wide range of quality fishing bijouterie including extraordinary quality hooks and lines. All baits are completely developed and manufactured by the company. Sportcarp therefore controls the whole production process. Production of the company is mainly focused on carp fishing.

For more information, visit http://www.sportcarp.com/


Mikbaits company was founded in 2005. The aim was to create a brand that places emphasis on product quality, innovation and responsiveness to customers. Mikbaits current range includes everything what you need for carp fishing. They offer not only different variants of boilie from frozen through self-life, dehydrated in salt or float, but also a wide range of pellets, additives, particles, boosters, dips, pastes, baits for catfish or for feeder and many other products.

For more information about the company, please visit: www.mikbaits.cz


Company Carp´R´Us is being called  alegendary company these days on a field of end tackle. It operates on the market for more then 20 years and has in its portfolio several innovative products, that companys founder Ray Dale-Smith invented over the years, namely Fused Products, Mouthsnaggers, Snag Clip and others. In past years the company focused on needs of continental anglers and ATS range of hooks because a part of end tackle armory of many top anglers across Europe as well as found thousends of satisfied customers.

For more information about the company, please visit: www.carprus.eu

UFO Fishing

Everything has its own story and UFO Fishing is no exception. The first ideas to make their own products came with the first failures with commercial boilies in the 1990s. Back then quite often happend, that the boilie that we bought was floating or got moldy soon, had a rapid disintegration, or, on the contrary, it was hard as a stone. After a while we started with our own boilie production, which were using us and our close fiends. As time went on, our fan base expanded so that we couldn´t manage to satisfy all the interest. We knew that we were able to develop and produce products that are truly exceptional in terms of health and fish growth. At that time our most difficult decision was made - to make from a garage hobby a true business. Everything was running very fast, and within months we had the right space, machines, and we started finding new suppliers with which we could produce big ammount, with the emphasis on the stability of the quality. Thanks to the significant support of our experienced fishermen friends who have been fishing with us for decades, we can introduce you and offer products that are comperable with the world's top quality. Products are produced using steam and hot air with a lowest possible temperature. Every day we develop, test and evaluate. We are always looking a few steps ahead and thanks to the success of fishermen who not only overcome their own personal records but also enjoy the time in nature, we know our direction is right.

For more information about the company, please visit: www.ufofishing.com


Company PVA Hydrospol is introducing a series of PVA Products - PVA Bags, PVA Tunnel and PVA String-Nylon." "PVA products have undergone a total transformation of their production which was initiated on the basis of knowledge and requirements of our clients.

More informations find here: www.pvahydrospol.eu

Sponsor of haviest carp

LT Baits

LT Baits? YES! The LT Baits company with Lukáš Trnka has been officially founded in 2018, with the sale of products being launched at the same time as a new factory from the beginning of 2019.However, boilie and everything around it has been produced and tested for more than ten years in the Czech Republic and abroad, which is why we are on the Czech and foreign markets now. LT Baits is trying to create baits for a specific purpose, whether it's fast-catching any size, or selection of trophy fish. Everything is available with a successful history. The basis is a long testing period and good raw materials quality. If you want to achieve great results at the races, or just have a great fun in your free time, then LT Baits is the right choice. The owner  Lukáš Trnka  wishes a lot of fulfilled dreams to everyone!!!

More informations find here: www.ltbaits.cz



The company Zfishing Sport was established in 2007. At the begining we focused primary on Czech market as a wholesale distributor of popular european brands. In 2015 own brand Zfish was born and because of it's friendly ratio quality/price became Zfish brand very quickly popular not only in Czech Republic but also in other european countries. In 2017 we joined EFTTA (EUROPEAN FISHING TACKLE TRADE ASSOCIATION).

More informations find here: www.zfishingsport.cz

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SCHELKALIN is a company selling and servicing motorboats and marine accessories. Here you will find a wide range of marine products elegantly combined with a modern e-shop. You can also watch authentic videos on their YouTube channel or communicate with them on Facebook. More information about the company can be found at http://www.motorboat.cz/