Stairs 2 Hell 2019

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“Heaven and hell meet at one place,“ these are words proclaimed by Tomáš Slavík, a respected fourcross champion,who easily rides down a forest slope at the speed of 60 kilometers per hour on his bike or sets off carp fishing on Novomlynska Lake, despite one-meter tall waves. His words are arguably the best characteristics of the Stairs 2 Hell competition. Let us inform you about its third season.  


 “Stairs 2 Hell” is an extreme international carpfishing competition, in which all contestants have to come to the limits of their own resources. The competition is organized by the European Carpfishing Association in cooperation with the Moravian Fishing Association at Novomlynska lake (fishing area Dyje 5).  


Novomlynska lake, situated in the hearth of South Moravia, is one of the best places for carpfishing in the Czech Republic and also in the whole of Europe. This year’s competition (Stairs 2 Hell 2019) will be open for 96 two-man or three-man carpteams, which will compete in a gruelling 138-hour contest. Competition at Novomlynska lake is a great challenge for every real carp fisher. Competitors have to face sunken forests, ruins of villages and vineyards that are hidden beneath the surface. All of these “treasures” are covered by razor sharp zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha).  


Competitors will be facing a strong gusty wind, which in the autumn months can unbelievably churn up the watter. When, on top of everything, the rainstorms come without a warning, the fishermen will have enough to do with their worst nightmare.


To make the race exciting until the very end, we will count only the sum of the weights of the three heaviest catches. We know from experience that catching three big carps may be a matter of only a few minutes. Everything will be very dramatic until the end!    


In addition to the unforgettable experience during the competition at Novomlynska lake, all competitors will compete for lucrative prizes in the totaling amount of up to EUR 57, 300 / CZK 1,500,000). The aim of this competition remains not only to declare the European champion in carp fishing, but also to support children in their education about nature. That is why we endeavour to build a tradition of a prestigeous competition, and every year donate part of the earnings to various children's fishing projects and activities of children fishing clubs that are organized by the Moravian Fishing Association.