The fifth day...

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Day in a monster sign.

After ther midnight fish activity was very high and everybody appreciated it. One of the first carps was 22,50 kg at Free Fish peg. After a few minutes there was another monster at peg Starbaits SK which weighed 20,62 kg. After this wonderful start there have been more fish around 15 kg. Last few days competitors were talking about the treasure of Palava. Thursday was not exception. Rybarske potřeby Krepelka confirmed it. Carp was almost 23 kg but this was not the last mohicans. Weather forecast told us it will be sunny but it was sunny only in the morning. Right before the lunch the rain have started and after a while it ended with a beautiful rainbow. Rainbow brought luck to guys from Carpsonbaits. They have caught carp over 20 kg again. This would be tagged as BIG MAMA in abroad. We were not able to count how many 15 kg carps have been already caught. Keystyle & Mikbaits won the competiton for the biggest carp of the day. Right after the giveaway from one of the walky talkys we could hear a messege that there is another team fighting a carp. Another 20+. Organizers would never believe that. By this time 50 teams have at least one fish and we are hoping for the record to be break.