The sixth day...

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The very last exhausting day. 

Pavlov side already woke up. Wind was blowing from Strachotin side to Pavlov side and made the fish to move to the other side of the lake. This helped all the teams for a sleepless night. Fish activity was highest since the beginning. A lot of teams were happy not even for the amount of fish but for their weight as well. There were two teams which have been out of their sector but strict eyes of your marshalls have seen it. For this mistake teams REBEL BAITS and PRO LINE got yellow card which forbided them from fishing for the next 4 hours. Unlucky was also captain of team U SUMCE whom broke his ankle when walking down the dam. Safety first, that is the rule which is the most important so his teammates called the emergency. Till the evening there have been caught over 180 fish. The last night can change everything and everybody is waiting for the big ones in Lake Novomlynska. We already know that the real monsters will be caught in the night. Existing record has been broken by guys from LT Baits III from peg 12. They have caught amazing carp 24,87 kg!